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DIY Loudspaker plans for 2012

At long last I am about to embark on several DIY projects.  Last year I sold my large transmission loudspeakers and now really have to get some proper HiFi setup going again. And yes I know that I could get at least good sound by buying them of the shelf, but what would be the fun in that!

Preliminary candidates are as follows.

1. Jericho XII, based on the Jerricho 08 design from Klang & Ton but with some improvements and changes for my particlular setup.
2. Axiette of evil. A bassreflex design for the vintage classic Goodman Axiette, bessel tuning and vent geometry of the Onken type.
3. Onken 180, a "small" onken like box with the Eminence 15" Omega Pro 15A driver. Not a true Onken as far as tuning goes but vent geometry and the large total vent opening is similar.
4. Mjönir, a front loaded bass horn with Beyma 12" as horn driver...
5. CT 164, my take on a small backloaded horn using a Tangband 4" driver.
6. Mini TLS, Atkins HFN&RR design from the 80s, using modern Peerless and Seas drivers.
7. Trike, a HFN&RR design of a Voigt pipe using cardboard tubes as enclosure!
8. The Post horn, a vintage design dating all the way to the 50s, in original a mono design with the driver facing the backwall and no damping material at all inside the enclosure. The damping was improved in the HFN&RR publication by removing a brace! The thin (12mm) walls should absorb resonances by flexing.

How many of these I build and what order will depend on mood as well as time and space constrains, the last one imposed by my dear wife.

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