The different projects


Next up is vintage  Philips bass driver

If I measure the drivers myself using Woofer Tester 3 I get very similar (and good) results.
When measured mounted in the horn:
Omnimic Near field and in horn mouth

Quite similar result to the other closed box driver the Gamma LA1231, In the Philips data sheet there is peak at 1.5 kHz and then a rollof above 2 kHz, in my nearfield measurement I do not pick up that peak but the roll off is more or less as specified..

The horn output in the 35-45 Hz range is 5 dB down compared to the two peaks at 60 and 90 Hz. That is a 5 dB improvement as compared to the Gamma driver, not bad.

Now I am out of closed box drivers and I will try out some PA drivers. First out will be an Eminence ME12-1508 driver, according to Eminence the driver is a version ordered by their european distributor and it is the same as the  Delta 12A of their standard set of drivers. Thiel Small paramterers are the same except for inductance that is higher but that is a tricky parameter to define as voice coils do not behave as text book coils.

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