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Final notes about the Kuben horn

I tried different drivers for the Kuben, typical horn drivers offers far higher sensistivity than a classical closed box type HiFi driver like the Gamma LA-1231. The Gamma on the other hand offers better balance between the 50-100 Hz octave output rellative the the output above 200 Hz than the PA driver. So for home use something along a "normal" HiFi driver might work better than a classical horn driver.

With the DorSpen I could extend the bass response by adding a serial capacitor, so why not try it with the Kuben and the Emminence driver?
The impedance is lowered below the resonance frequency and increased above it, this should work!
No it doesn't!
I have no idea why at present. Now the Kuben horn resides in an other garage than mine, so I have no way to work further with trying to straigthening out that question mark. Time to do some research about resonance patterns in pipes of different folding geometries and other basic stuff.

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