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The odd men out of drivers

 This is a OEM driver from the Audio Pro 4-14 dipole speaker, A really good match for pipes and horns.
* Manufacturer:  From Audio Pro 4-40 loudspeaker
* Model:  Paper cone black=greenish color, paper surround with sticky green coating and chassie that looks like 1970s Peerless.
* Piston Diameter = 170.0 mm
* f(s)= 47.10 Hz
* R(e)= 6.65 Ohms
* Z(max)= 34.26 Ohms
* Q(ms)= 1.575
* Q(es)= 0.379
* Q(ts)= 0.306
* V(as)= 59.860 liters     (2.114 cubic feet)
* L(e)= 0.93 mH
* n(0)= 1.57 %
* SPL= 94.07 1W/1m
* M(ms)= 13.81 grams
* C(ms)= 0.83 mm/N
* BL= 8.47
Note the cleas peaks at the harmonics
Good matching with the pipe and good sound as well, the high sensitivity is noted
These are Pioneet TSE20, car speakers that I got as a gift. Fr 48 Hz and Q of 0.6. With the coxial arrangement I could not use the roll of masking tape I usually use for Mms and Vas determinations, but I expect the driver to have a high mass cone. Note the absence of peaks in impedance at the harmonics.

A good match with the pipe and a good sound as well. The tweeters does not seem to work so if I can remove them I can measure TS as well.

Last driver is a PA midrange/midbass driver the Fane Studio 8M. The magnet forced me to have the driver backward
* Manufacturer:  Fane
* Model:  Studi 8M
* Piston Diameter = 167.0 mm
* f(s)= 104.30 Hz
* R(e)= 5.77 Ohms
* Z(max)= 79.19 Ohms
* Q(ms)= 7.394
* Q(es)= 0.581
* Q(ts)= 0.539
* V(as)= 12.970 liters     (0.458 cubic feet)
* L(e)= 0.75 mH
* n(0)= 2.42 %
* SPL= 95.93 1W/1m
* M(ms)= 12.09 grams
* C(ms)= 0.19 mm/N
* BL= 8.87

The lower peak of the tuning is hard to find the 110 Hz is way higher.
Soundwise as evaluated by listening to the driver facing the wrong way. Very high sensitivity, a really brutal attach to transients, bass slam. Deeper bass is missing there is no weight to the bass

While I prefer this sound to the bass mumble of the B200 and the Seas TV-EW there are better drivers for quarter wave pipes.

I will have to do some damping to the walls around the driver so the time to fiddle with damping material is coming up.

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