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Final Chapter of this Voigt saga

I have measured the final verision of these Voigt loudspeakers. I measured at 1/2 meter distance in front of bass driver, midway and on axis of tweeter horn. There is a dip at 1-2 kHz and reversing the phase of the tweeter did nothing to improve the dip (data not shown)

If I separate the tree pairs the good pair matching up to 5 kHz is clearly seen.

Near field responses of bass driver and pipe opening is closely matched and I thought that I leave as is as good enough. Time to listen

Compared to Tyrland/Stridbeck TL-6 (think IMF TLS80 they are more sensitive and the the last octave of bass is missning.I am not too keen on those tweeters so it is time to get rid of those pipes and get back to my big baffles.

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