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With deadlines coming closer I finaly have made some progress with Sleipnir. The Whardedale SFB that got me going has several features I do want to change. Insted of having one baffle as a slate I intend to use a three baffles: one for the four bassdrivers with a lot of bracing, standing straight up. One baffle for the midrange driver, angled slightly upwards and with no bracing but with bitumen lamination like the Spendor BC-1. And lastly a third panel angled 45 degrees upwards for the tweeeter
This is a prototype with only two bass drivers I have tried out how to mount them and also cutting out holes with a router, this time with some scrap material below and also to round of the cutout with a router bit.  I am not sure how to place the vertical side panel, well inside the front panel edge as the SFB or covering the edges of the baffles. The finish will be very vintage looking...

All alnico drivers now, I plan to use 16mm MDF and rely on laminations and extensive bracings rather than having 2x25mm MDF,

Even this small baffle lowers the Fr of the drivers.

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