The different projects


I added a 4.7ohm serial resistor and a 3.2 ohm paralell  resisor and remeasured with both phases tried out.
The orange one is the the response with the Seas H86 tweeter in the right phase. Reversing (blue) is far inferior and the brown line with no tweeter.  The response as measured on axis from the tweeter at about 75 cm distance shows a decent respsonse. Flat to 10 kHz and a falloff above that without any nasty peaks. Padded down by 10 dB the tweeters are well protected from abuse.

I also tried adding a zobel filter to the woofer to see if it changed the filter resoponse but it is more or less the same so I will not add one. Time to wrap up this one by finding some screws and assemble the speakers, and move on to the next project.

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