The different projects


First tweeter trial
I padded down the Seas tweeter by 5-6 dB and tried both phases and none is that good
The black trace is without tweeter. I am surprised at the lift in the top end of the midrange dome. The red trace is with the tweeter in phase with the midrange and the combined output is way to high. The blue were they work out is better in the overall level but the dip at 5 kHz is bad. The measurements are bit rough so I will try to increase the attenuation to 10 dB and see how that pans out. If that does not work out I will try some other tricks with phase tracking around the crossover frequency.

The H86 is not the best of tweeters but  I have four of them and they fit perfect in the cutout for the original tweeter. The Philips tweeters looks like obvious replacement as the rebate does not match with the diameter, so I try to tweek the Seas before falling back on the Phillips, and make some more stringent measurements.

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