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 Progress report
Today I have coated the gray cones of the Seas 21TV-EW woofers with three layers of Visaton LTS-50 speaker compound. Not that the cones need damping, the do not, but the allmost black semiglossy color fits better than the matte gray cone color in original. The drivers had been glued to the old boxes with some white glue. Scraping of that stuff has also removed some of the black color of the chassies so that has been painted. I also need to find some more black screws.

Tomorrow I plan to play around with the Zobel and phase to get a decent match with the midrange driver. Then I will also try to measure the individual drivers. I do not dare to desolder the crossover from the drivers after ruining one ScanSpeak tweeter. Lastly I will add more fiber filling to the cabinets until I reach the lowest resonance frequency and lowest Q. And then I am done with the first pair of those speakers.

Then I might return to my open baffle project Sleipnir...

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