The different projects


The bass
The drivers are mounted with the boxes filled up with bonded acetate fiber, I do not like to work with fiberglass. The system now have a Q of close to 45 Hz and a Q of  about 1.1. A very good candidate for capacitor coupled closes box. Simply inverting the phase gave good integration with the midrange. Frequency response is on axis of midrange driver at a distance of 75 cm so the room has effect on the response below 400 Hz or so. A nearfield measurment of the  bassdriver show response down to 50 Hz as expected the low pass is a bit earlier than expected. I will make a Zobel filter and see how that affect the interaction between the crossover and the driver. The drivers intrinsic response is flat to 3000 Hz.
The black line is with the driver in phase and the other two is the two loudspeakers. Very good matching.

The Tweeter
Both tweeters are blown, I have some vintage H86 Seas tweeters that are a drop in replacement for the drivers as far as cutouts are concerned. Frequency wise it is far from a drop in replacement. The output is about 10 dB to high. The proper replacement is a seas 19mm metal dome but I will try my hand at the vintage drivers first. If they are padded down 8-10 dB they ought to be very well protected from further misshaps. To bad about the tweeters.

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